Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Happy Boxing Day!

J and I are on our way back to the Melton Point after a quick trip to visit our families this Christmas. (J is driving; I'm playing of my iPhone to pass the time.). This year's Christmas adventure started Friday morning--Christmas Eve! We opened our gifts, the most exciting of which was the gift we already knew about. We jointly gave ourselves a kitchenaid stand mixer. I'm looking forward to making tons of frosting, and J is looking forward to grinding and making his own sausage. I think that the Melton Point kitchen will be turning out some pretty amazing food in 2011! Feel free to come by and help me eat some of it!!

After opening our own gifts, I set off to Williams-Sonoma for one last day of manic gift wrapping while J stayed home to try out the new mixer. After finishing my shift, we dropped off J's appetizers at church for those folks attending the Christmas Eve services. Then, we pointed Irene west and set out for J's dad's house. About an hour and a half into the drive, we hit some light snow which quickly became heavy snow. It took much longer than the usual 3.5 hours to reach their house, and I was so grateful to finally pull into their driveway! We had a great visit with that side of the family (but were sorry to miss one of J's sisters and her family, as the snow held us up until after bedtime for the little ones). Christmas morning, we woke up to a beautiful white Christmas and, even more blessedly, mostly clear roads! We traveled to J's mom's house for a great visit and then on to my folks for Christmas dinner and a night of movie watching! For the first time, we actually spent time with all of our parents on Christmas Day. While it made for a long weekend with lots of driving (and white knuckles for J!), we feel so blessed to have shared this special time with them!

Today, we are sort of celebrating the opposite of Boxing Day--rather than traveling to visit friends and family, we are focused simply on getting to our own home. We look forward to visiting with you all in the New Year instead!

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