Thursday, September 9, 2010

We're $%#@! the @#$% toilet...again...

Pro: Being jobless gives me time to really clean my house, like I'm supposed to--scrubbing toilets, washing towels, etc.

Pro: Giving the newly cleaned toilet one last flush before taking the towels downstairs to the laundry room was, in retrospect, a good thing.

Pro: The bathroom, and offending toilet, are directly over the unfinished portion of the basement (and right next to the washer and dryer) where a leak cannot go unnoticed if one happens to be standing at the washer loading towels.

Con: There is such a leak.

Con: This being the first time (ever) that I've scrubbed the toilet, flushed the toilet, and immediately run downstairs to wash a load of towels, I've no idea how old the leak is.

Pro: Ben Franklin Plumbers are prompt, courteous, and only charge you for sending one person, even when they send two.

Con: Previous Owner (PO, from here on out, for the way he makes me feel on a regular basis--like here), when faced with a less than steller subfloor and the need to set a toilet, chose to take the easy road, not the right road, and set me up for a leak and major reno job. (Hardly the first time he's done this to me, but still...)

Pro: Another benefit of being jobless is that I have all the time in the world (sort of) to rip up the tile and backerboard and worthless subfloor, thus saving us from paying someone else to do that part of the job.

Con: It's not looking good for replacing part of the tile, so the whole floor may need to come out.

Pro: I've been wanting to replace the vanity and sink, which gives me a noseful of sewer gas every morning (Thanks to the PO, again), anyway.

Con: Even so, it's money we'd rather spend on something fun, or at least on a home upgrade we were looking forward to, not a bathroom we thought was in decent shape for a while.

Seeing as the pros still outnumber the cons, I'm off to deal with my bathroom, rather than light a match and toss it over my shoulder as I walk away.

Title: Same toilet song as before, since it's the same toilet. Taking more liberties with the wording now....I think the writers would understand.

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Becky said...

Oh, honey. Soooo sorry! I love that you're able to pull the positives out of it! If you need some help with dome, I would be willing to bet that Daniel would be more than thrilled to come destroy something right now, lol. Sending positivity your way! And, we're right aorund the corner if your shower decides to go the way of the toilet...